Short Term Health Insurance

Is Your Life in Transition?

Discover a short term health plan solution that fits your situation.

  • Recent Grad – Waiting for a new job’s health plan to kick in? Check out your options.
  • Current Student – Whether it’s a car accident or the flu, make sure you’re covered during college.
  • In-between Jobs Health Plans – Perhaps your employee benefits haven’t started. Or maybe your job is seasonal. You have choices.
  • Waiting for Medicare – Retiring early may open a gap in health coverage. Consider a temporary insurance plan.
  • Temporarily Unemployed – A short term health plan can serve as a COBRA alternative. Get details today.2
  • Forgot to enrolled – Didn’t get a chance to enrolled during open enrollment period / obamacare

People in personal situations similar to yours choose a health insurance plan.

When you choose a short term insurance plan, it’s a good idea to match it to your personal situation.1

  • Consider how many family members you’ll insure.
  • Keep in mind your current health and your health care habits in the past.
  • Know your budget for health insurance.

If you do not qualify for health insurance through an employer, didn’t get a chance to enrolled in a health plan during open enrollment period, one of your biggest challenges in life may be finding a personal health insurance plan that fits your budget and provides the coverage you need, during lock period, give us a call  713-781-6119 for a quote or to submit  your health application.

Helping Fill in the Gaps for Individuals and Families with Temporary Health Insurance

Short Term MedicalSM Plans are health plans designed to bridge gaps in coverage for individuals and families in times of transition.1 Because we know that life can change quickly, our short term insurance plans give you the flexibility to drop your coverage at any time without penalty; or apply for another term of coverage.3 Based on your needs, you can select the length of time (1 to 11 months in many states) and from a range of available deductible amounts.

Temporary insurance plans are usually more affordable than traditional individual health coverage. Take a few minutes to check out our short term insurance quotes and see for yourself! Don’t forget to explore our prescription drug discount cards and prescription drug copay coverage, too.

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